List of Supported Devices

You can use many different ways to connect with an event.

  1. Connect your fitness tracker
  2. Use your phone
  3. Use manual entry (this option might not be available for all events)

Fitness Trackers and Apps

We have direct integrations with many popular fitness trackers:

  1. Apple Health (Apple Watch and iPhone)
  2. Samsung Watch and Samsung Health
  3. Google Fit
  4. Fitbit
  5. Garmin
  6. Google Health Connect
  7. Oura Ring
  8. Strava
  9. Polar
  10. Suunto
  11. MyFitnessPal
  12. Concept2
  13. COROS

If your device is not in this list we might still support it, please review this article for details and instructions: Connecting Other Fitness Trackers

Use your Phone

You can also use your phone to track your steps and activities.

  1. Apple Health (Apple Watch and iPhone)
  2. Google Fit
  3. Google Health Connect

Or you can track an activity using the integrated GPS activity tracker in our app.

Manual Entry

When your event allows manual entry, you can manually enter missed activities or steps.

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