Connect with Fitbit

You can connect your profile with your Fitbit wearable by going to Connections section in your profile. From there you can click the Connect with Fitbit button to enable auto-syncing with Fitbit. Once this is done all activities which are synced from your Fitbit device will automatically be connected with your virtual challenges on sodisp.

Check Permissions on your Fitbit profile

You can verify on your Fitbit profile we have the required permission to sync from your Fitbit device. It should show "sodisp by Noctilucent" and we need to have "activity, profile, location" permissions.

Only explicitly started activities will count

Currently only activities which have been explicitly started and stopped on your Fitbit will be synced. Your daily moves which are not part of an activity will not count towards your challenge goal.

Daily Steps display on the wrong date (shifted one day)

We try to get your time zone information from your Fitbit profile to ensure we display your daily summaries based on your time zone. Sometimes, we are not able to retrieve this information and then your daily summaries might display on the wrong date. Don't worry though, they will still be applied to the correct date! It's also easy to resolve this: open the Edit Profile page, set your time zone and save. After that your daily steps will show on the correct day again.

Lookup your Fitbit ID

It sometimes happens that someone has accidentally created multiple Fitbit profiles and that the 'wrong' one is connected. If this happens, no data can be synced because it is linked to a different Fitbit account than the one the Fitbit device is connected with.

You can verify this by going to your Fitbit profile on the website and ensure that it shows your step data on your profile. Next, go to the Fitbit Settings screen and select View Profile. This will link to a page like `` in which the last part is your Fitbit ID (123XYZ in this example.

Fitbit sometimes stops recording GPS distance

It does happen infrequently that Fitbit devices stop tracking GPS distance. When this happens you can still see your activities in your profile and the time and type of activity will be correct, but the distance will display as 0. When this happens you can try to do a hard restart or your Fitbit device. This appears to resolve this typically.

You can do a restart of your Fitbit device by following these steps:

  1. Connect your device to the charging cable. ... 
  2. Press and hold the buttons on your tracker for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons.
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