You can connect your Garmin fitness tracker from the Connections screen. 

When you first connect with Garmin you need to grant us permissions to read your fitness data. You have two options which you can enable separately:

  • Activity data: all your runs, rides, walks, etc. This includes the exact GPS track of each activity.
  • Daily summary data: this includes your daily step totals. When you participate in a step challenge, it's important to allow this permission.

Activities are not syncing

Ensure your activity is visible in the Garmin Connect app first. It could be that Bluetooth is either disabled on your watch or phone or that some other Garmin connectivity is happening. When you verified the activity is visible in the Garmin Connect app and it still doesn't show (within a few minutes) in your profile you can try to re-connect. If re-connecting doesn't help then please reach out to us using the contact form so we can help with troubleshooting.

Steps are not syncing

When activities are syncing correctly but daily steps are not syncing with your profile it might be that we don't have permissions to read this data. Please disconnect the Garmin connection first and then re-connect while making sure to grant us permissions to read your daily summaries.

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