Apple Health and Apple Watch

For a direct integration with your Apple Watch you need to use our native iPhone app. You can download the app from our website.

Once you have the app installed you can login with your own account and then enable Apple Health sync from the "Me" tab. When you granted permissions to allow access to your Apple Health data, we will start auto-syncing steps and activities from your Apple Watch. 

You can also force a manual sync from this same screen to load data from the last 7 days in one go.

Troubleshooting Apple Health data sync

The most common cause when not all data is synced is that some permissions are missing. Simply disconnect and re-connect while making sure to grant all requested permissions will most likely resolve this.

Verify Permissions

Please follow these steps to verify the permissions for our app.

  1. Open Apple Health
  2. Select Sharing tab
  3. Select Apps
  4. Select
  5. Tap on Turn On All

Open our app and sync again.

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