Data Access and Permissions

When connecting a device with our app we'll ask for your permission to read your fitness data. The exact permissions differ between the integrations, but can be summarized as the following:

  • Daily Summaries or Daily Steps: this allows us to read your daily step count. Data is aggregated per day, so we only know the total number of steps per day, and not the time of day for your steps.

    This is the most important permission when you are participating in a step-based challenge.

  • Activities: these are explicitly tracked activities, such as runs, rides, or walks. This contains the start time and duration of your activity and the type of activity.

    Optionally, you can give us permission to access your GPS data for activities. GPS data is only available within your own profile and never shared with event admins.

  • Profile data: for some integrations we ask for your generic information, such as your display name, email address, or time zone. This allows us to personalize your profile when you connect your device.

We don't ask for (or process) health related data.

Revoking permissions

Please note that you can always revoke permissions at any point in the future in case you (no longer) feel comfortable sharing your data. Revoking permissions will cause the auto-sync to stop working.

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